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In Star Trek Online, you’ll be able to earn bonus slots by being a bridge officer. Bridge officers can earn bonuses for various tasks and traits. Along with bonuses, bridge officers can even receive particular assignments on a starship. Selecting the best abilities can imply the difference between victory and defeat in battle.

Class of bridge officer

Bridge officers are specialised area and floor operatives in Star Trek On-line. They start as Ensigns, but can advance to Commander. These officers don’t have any grades, however captains can command these of lower rank. Promotion to the next stage requires certain amounts of Starfleet Deserves and ability factors.

Bridge officers can train other bridge officers in their careers. However, coaching other bridge officers requires that the talent be of the same sort as their own. For example, a bridge officer can’t prepare a Tactical Officer in science, and an Officer with no specialization in science can’t be educated as a miracle worker. Nonetheless, the bridge officer can practice a Captain’s Bridge Officer to the next level by teaching him his expertise. It is a social software in the sport, and it’s similar to the secondary market in World of Warcraft. It also requires that the two gamers be close sufficient to do the transaction.

A Bridge Officer can use a selection of different power sources. Probably the greatest choices is the Dynamic Power Redistributor Console, which grants additional power to the bridge and the ship. This console could be bought on the change or obtained from the Undiscovered Lockbox. Other options embrace the Plasmonic Leech and the Sustained Radiant Discipline consoles. Every of these consoles has their own distinctive use, and new ones are often launched to the sport.

The gender of a Bridge officer does not have an effect on gameplay, however affects the talents they have. Bridge officers are given four mounted traits. Three of them grant buffs to individual officers in floor fight and a fourth gives a bonus in house combat. There are additionally specialized bridge officers that can be bought through the ZEN Retailer. Most of these are available for trade, whereas others can be bought or exchanged.

Traits that give bonuses to bridge officers

Bridge officers in Star Trek On-line have a quantity of different traits that may improve their performance on the bridge. Most of the traits are primarily based on particular person officer talents, but some are more specific to the position. Some give bonuses to people in area combat whereas others buff all the away workforce. Most BOff races require a certain variety of traits to progress to the subsequent rank, whereas others are non-compulsory.

A few of the bonuses are rare. Common duty officers can be used to donate to the fleet holdings, whereas unusual and uncommon responsibility officers can be used to complete missions. Common responsibility officers will probably be removed from the roster if they’re killed in a mission, whereas rare and uncommon obligation officers will remain on the roster till they recover. If they’re injured, they will be despatched to the sickbay for a predetermined period of time, and will obtain a bonus in Medical CXP.

The Arbiter class ship is the very best ship outdoors of specialised science builds. It can deal large DPS and tank heavy hits. It additionally comes with Common bridge officer seating and the Majority-Minority trait. These two traits could be very useful in the game.

Each responsibility officer has one or more totally different traits that give bonuses to their performance. For instance, if in case you have the flexibility to finish missions sooner, you may get a higher likelihood to succeed in a mission. The higher the variety of matching traits, the better the efficiency of your officer will be.

Another important trait to consider when choosing a bridge officer is the power to carry out ambush missions. This trait will give your bridge officers an advantage over different bridge officers. This trait gives you additional attack speed and can make your bridge officers able to keep away from injury whereas they’re in combat. However, it’s not easy to earn this trait, and is not advisable for newbies.

Assignments aboard ship

Whereas playing Star Trek On-line, you will discover that you will have to manage many individuals and departments aboard ship. There are particular skills you’ll be able to gain which will enhance your performance on these assignments. You will also have the possibility to earn particular rewards when you complete sure duties, resembling commendation factors and vitality. Nevertheless, there are some things that it’s best to keep in mind if you play the game. These tips will make the sport easier for you and can make your time spent on the ship extra pleasing and productive.

Your first duty as a responsibility officer is to complete assigned missions. At any given time, you possibly can have up to 20 mission slots. Responsibility officers also can obtain extra mission slots by completing a sickbay mission. To view your current assignments, open your responsibility officer’s UI, which you’ll open in any public space in your ship or in a sector. Completely different assignments have different durations, so it’s necessary to resolve how much time you want to spend on each.

As soon as you’ve got gathered enough experience, you can transfer on to the following degree. As a way to get to Degree 4 in a single commendation track, you will need to earn a total of 100,000 experience. You can even full assignments that require a specific amount of obligation officers, which would require credit or commodities. You can start an assignment by clicking on the corresponding button. The duration of each task will vary, ranging from 30 minutes to 72 hours. Every project also displays the prospect of success.

The number of assignments gamers can have at a time has fluctuated throughout development, and the quantity can enhance before the system goes reside. Some assignments would require the completion of a earlier mission, whereas others are assigned randomly. You’ll be able to change the number of assignments accessible each couple of hours, and a few are gated based on the captain’s rank, sector, or other achievements. In addition, each assignment may require inputs, together with medical provides, provisions, or different resources.


Star Trek Online features many exciting promotions for players, equivalent to bonuses for being a bridge officer. You possibly can increase your bridge officer’s abilities with totally different skills. Some traits are widespread, and others are not, however all might be accumulated. Every capability has totally different levels. For example, a cadet may have just one ability, while a captain can have four.

New excessive-high quality rewards at the moment are obtainable, and the fleet system has been revamped. For instance, it must be simpler for Klingon crew members to get transporter officer attention when beaming out, and new fleet-specific missions have been added to the mission journal. The new fleets embody the Voth and Romulans.

To get more thrilling promotions, Captains can try to hitch House United. Members of this group have exclusive access to two special episodes and might earn special rewards. These episodes introduce L’Rell, Aakar, and Basic Martok. Additionally, they can earn exclusive rewards for collaborating in a Task Power Operation.

When levelling, you possibly can choose from a wide number of ships. Choose a ship from a tier, after which select from quite a lot of expertise to improve your character’s expertise. This can enhance the character’s essential chance, damage, and severity. You can too choose between two forms of ships: Cruiser and Escort. Cruisers are centered on velocity, manoeuvrability, and sturdiness.


There are several methods to get abilities on your bridge officers, and one of the easiest methods is to make use of player trainers. These trainers assist you to practice the bridge officers of different captains, however you possibly can solely practice them as much as the Ensign rank or decrease. These trainers are a useful social instrument for the game, just like how gamers can commerce Enchanting expertise in World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, these transactions are performed outdoors the sport’s forex exchanges.

After you have unlocked the ability to use bridge officers, you can begin to build your bridge officer staff. You too can purchase additional bridge officer slots in the Zen Retailer. Each slot will cost 250 credit, and you can have as many as fifty four bridge officers on your character. However, you need to remember that you could commerce your bridge officer slots to other characters on your account if they are already close to the maximum limit.

One other good way to get excessive-quality bridge officers is to complete engineering assignments. These will reward you with items and talent points. The engineering assignments can even offer you a bridge officer or a obligation officer, so you must put your finest officers on these assignments. And once you complete your bridge officer mission, you will be rewarded with commendation factors and energy.

Neon symbols of casino playing cards backgroundWhereas these assignments do not assist you to customize them, they are going to nonetheless reward you with commendation class experience points. Nevertheless, the standard of the assignments is what issues most. Whether you get a Purple task or a rare Blue one, the rewards might be worth it.